Church Roof Project in 2017 – grant received from LPoW



The 2015 Quinquennial Inspection found the Church Fabric to be of good condition but the South slope to Nave and Chancel rooves needed urgent reroofing. Thanks to a grant from the Listed Places of Worship Roof Scheme we can now fix our roof whilst the sun is shining.

The cedar and oak shingles on the spire, together with the finial and weathervane, were renovated in early 2015 by the steeple jack, Peter Harknett. The A.E. Hughes survey report then noted that the shingles of the tower should also be replaced and the south slope of the nave roof was also in poor condition. The Quinquennial Inspection also told us that there are a lot of slipping tiles on the south rooves due to the metal tile pegs rusting and bursting the very soft tiles - this to be fixed within 2 years.

The work will cost £78,136, which we now have, and the project team is in place. The Parish is contributing £10,013 from the fabric fund rainy day provision and the rest is generously provided as a grant of £55,100 from LPoW (obtained by Jeff Baldock). We will also be able to reclaim the VAT (£13,023).

The project works are to:-


Re-roof South slope to Nave and Chancel

Re-shingle Tower

Repoint cover flashings

Repair other defective tiling

Remove moss from roof slopes


Final selection of the Preferred Contractor will be within the next 6 weeks and the works start with the mandatory bat survey in May 2017. Detail survey and retiling works are planned for the late summer (weather dependent). Some unplanned repairs may be required depending on what is found when the tiles are removed and other work can be done whilst scaffolding is in place to save costs. We are fortunate to have a very good architect (Jonathan Saunders) from Caroe & Partners to oversee the works.

Richard Eldridge and Mike Cole.

January 2017